Thursday, October 16, 2008

Laws and Baseball??

I am now 0 and 2 with finding blogs from and I cannot even take credit for finding the past two blogs that i have been reading because they were both recommending to me by Mr. Miller. This blog is A Connecticut Law Blog, not only is that what it is, but it is also this title. But that's not all that the writer of the blog, Attorney Ryan McKeen, writes about here... there is also baseball, no wonder my English teacher knew about it.

Last week, Connecticut finally decided to legalize gay marriage in Connecticut, making us the third state to recognize gay marriage. In the past week, this has been all over the news, I have heard many people discussing it. the majority of these people saying how happy they are that homosexuals finally have this right; some jerks saying they want to move.

Because this is such a new, and controversial law, McKeen has blogged about the topic a lot in the past week.

Blog Entry #1
Blog Entry #2
Blog Entry #3
Blog Entry #4

After reading these four blog entry's if gave me a realization of what was really going on, of who was stepping up to get this law passed. Also of how difficult it was to do. However, with a lot of work and time Kerrigan vs. Commissioner of Public Health finally got the right to gay marriage and put into place last week.

There was also another blog entry on the current civil unions in our state. where would they be in all of this? according to the facts on this blog entry, the partners who are recognized as a civil union may either continue on and keep their union, or may choose to be married.

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